1. What is the Definition of Content Marketing?  – Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. – Content Marketing InstituteCreating content can take many forms, including: blogs, Frequently Asked Questions,(FAQ) case studies, videos, product reviews, podcasts, interviews, research and more.
  1. What are Two Advantages of Creating Content? – The most important, in our opinion, is that it demonstrates your expertise. Your company as subject matter expert. Secondly, qualified prospects can find you. If you have an effective content marketing program, they are signing up for your blog, email lists, following you on social media, etc.
  1. What is the 2nd Marketing Question You Ask a Business Owner?  – After hearing what product/service the business owner provides, the next question we ask is, “what makes your business different from your competitors?” That is, what is your niche? Your answer should be reflected in your marketing approach online and across the board in all communications with prospects and clients.
  1. How Do I Get Started with My Marketing Program? – Simple. Complete one marketing-related task TODAY (i.e., I’m going to work on my website’s call to action for 1 hour.) Plan to do spend your time TOMORROW on another task, and so on… One of the benefits of getting started TODAY, other than getting the actual work done, is psychological. Your marketing program has begun. You’re making progress, and looking toward the future. You can adjust the amount of time you spend and your marketing goals as you move forward.
  1. What Tools do I Need to Get Started with my Marketing Program?  At a minimum, you will need a company website, business cards and flyers/marketing materials to hand out.
  1. What are the First 2 Rules of Marketing? – 1st rule-capture our attention. Whether we are looking at your website or a magazine ad, you have 5 seconds to do so. 2nd rule-make us care enough (what problem does your product/service solve for us) to answer your call to action; that is, visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, schedule an appointment with you, etc.

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