Need More Sales? Who Doesn’t…

The answer: hire a dedicated sales professional. Why? Simple math. They spend 100% of their time:

  • Driving both short-term and long-term revenue
  • Opening up additional revenue streams
  • Creating strategic partnership opportunities 
  • Promoting brand awareness

BUT here’s the kicker: for this initiative to have a successful outcome, you need to step up and make an investment of time and money in order to equip the salesperson for success.

Below are 4 action items to consider having prepared when your sales pro shows up on Day 1. 

  1. Onboarding/Training Process: THE MOST CRITICAL ASPECT

What specific training will you provide? You must ensure the salesperson thoroughly understands your products and services, how they differ from your competitors and how they solve problems for your customers. Spending time visiting with customers and prospects is a good time investment and an opportunity for real-time learning. Role playing is also an effective training exercise.

  1. Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

As part of the onboarding/training process, a CRM is an invaluable tool for contacting customers, tracking their activity, adding new prospects, etc. If you don’t have a CRM, you need to get one. A staff member should provide a training session on how the system functions, and then the salesperson should start using it ASAP. Every conversation, email, etc. should be documented for reference purposes, follow up and daily accountability. I like It’s simple to operate and efficient, as well. 

  1. Marketing Materials

Ensure your printed materials (flyers) and website are updated, graphically appealing and clearly state the message that you want to share with customers and prospects. The salesperson will use these basic tools on a daily basis.

  1. An Action Plan

I recommend providing a basic action plan for the first 30 days, and monitor the results. This plan should describe the tangible goals that should be achieved in this timeframe. For example, training schedule/goals, office procedures, sales goals, etc.

These 4 items should provide a solid foundation for getting your salesperson onboard and be able to hit the marketplace running in a short time period. 

About The Author

Glenn Melvin is a senior-level sales & marketing professional with a 20-year proven sales performance track record of creating, managing and growing revenues…and looking for new opportunities to help companies grow. He is a subject matter expert in establishing relationships with customers/prospects. If you have any sales, marketing, admin-related projects you need help with, he can be contacted at glenn@enkap.com561-308-3093.