Outside Sales Tips for Effective Prospecting

Outside Sales professionals MUST incorporate cold call in-person visits to prospects in their day-to-day activities to maximize their earnings potential and increase their customer base. This blog provides proven outside sales tips to ensuring your sales prospecting time investment is productive.    Outside Sales Tips for Prospecting: Cold Visits Work; Cold Phone Calls Don’t Over

Need More Sales? Who Doesn’t…

The answer: hire a dedicated sales professional. Why? Simple math. They spend 100% of their time: Driving both short-term and long-term revenue Opening up additional revenue streams Creating strategic partnership opportunities  Promoting brand awareness BUT here’s the kicker: for this initiative to have a successful outcome, you need to step up and make an investment of

A Blog for the Entrepreneur from enKap

Welcome to enKap Our company name, enKap, stands for engaged knowledge application. We believe that people learn concepts more effectively and efficiently when they are engaged, excited about the content they are learning about, and when they can apply what they’ve learned to their daily job responsibilities (i.e., through case studies, real-life examples, etc.). As online marketing strategies continually evolve,